Thursday, November 6, 2008

IM Florida - Part 3

Because I didn't go through the tent in T1 I forgot to get sun block for the ride! doh! realised this about 5 miles in. There was no way I was going 112 miles in florida sun without the block and luckily the aid stations had some.

The bike went well and I stayed easily within my limits (average heart rate 130bpm). The bike has been something I have suffered on, up until my last century ride I had always finished feeling shattered. At IM florida last year I ended up walking the marathon as I felt terrible (cramps etc). Now I knew I had to drink drink and keep drinking. This time I drank 7 bottles of Nuun over 5 hours, and then for the last hour switched to a bottle of gatorade, on top of that I had 7 powergels, 2 bananas, 2 powerbars and 3 PB&J uncrustables, plus 18 salt tablets.

As you can see I pretty much ate and drank continuously. But it worked!
I knew I was well hydrated, last year.. zero pees over the 6hr 30mins, this year 3 big pees (zero stops ;-) )

As ever though you never quite know how well you will feel when you leave T2.
Time 6hrs 16mins, 15 mins faster than last year.
Max speed 34.4mph, with an average of 18mph.

I entered T2 feeling great, changed my clothes and ran out of T2, last year this is where the death march started! I was about to find out if the same thing was going to happen.


LBTEPA said...

I'm guessing it doesn't!!! Looking forward to the next instalment

Ryan said...

You sound like you were a rolling buffet bar. It is amazing how many calories we need to just keep moving. Did you apologize to your bike for "making it rain?"