Sunday, June 22, 2008

My day of sherpa'ing

As you can see my day of being an IM CdA sherpa was slightly different than most sherpa's.

As I am typing this Bigun and Tac are off the bike, as are almost all of the tri-bloggers (Bigun with a really powerful ride), and onto the run. The end is in sight.

For me my day has been spent, fighting off sleep depravation, changing nappies, feeding and loving my twins even though they have kept me up all day and night, my own IM challenge! Did manage to squeeze in a 2 hour 35mile ride today and an 8 mile run yesterday so not a total loss.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Babies are home

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Babies are home, and we are trying to get into a routine. Mum is getting better and more mobile.

Very little time for anything except eat sleep and poop (and thats just me!).

Today is Day 1 of my 16 weeks training plan to IM, and I managed to get up early and do my 1 hour swim.

For those interested, updated my flickr account with all the photos and video from the birth and first few days.

Monday, June 9, 2008

BFIT Challenge Part 3 & Babies Update

Thankyou everyone for your kind comments in the last post. I passed all the comments onto Gemma in hospital and it really lifted her spirits.

As you can see from the previous post Friday was a busy day. No BFIT challenge was planned for Friday but I hoped to get my final swim and bike completed on the saturday.

However Friday PM the opportunity arose for me to get an hour break to go and burn of some energy and have a quiet 5 mins to myself, and I got my second swim in. I had a really enjoyable swim, every time I stroked I could see the baby ID bands on my wrist. Really strange feeling knowing Thursday I swam as just Tim, however Friday I swam as Tim, dad of Caitlyn and Emma.

Total Swim Time - 1hr 48mins (3 miles)

Both girls were doing well Friday however on Saturday Caitlyn started to show signs of jaundice. By late Saturday they had her on a UV lamp to try and reduce the jaundice levels. It was heart breaking (sure it won't be the first time they break my heart) to not be able to do anything to help. Therefore the bike ride was cancelled. Getting babies healthy was far more important than my BFIT challenge (sorry Roman, sure you understand).

However Sunday afternoon while Mummy and babies were sleeping I took a gentle ride with my father in law and covered the 30 miles in 1hr 52mins.

Total Bike Time - 1hr 52mins (30 miles)

Therefore my overall BFIT challenge details were as follows
Total Swim Time - 1hr 48mins (3 miles)
Total Bike Time - 1hr 52mins (30 miles)
Total Bike Time - 1hr 35mins (10 miles)

Total - 5hrs 15mins (completed in 4 days therefore Bronze)

An update on Caitlyn and Emma...
After 24 hours of UV lamp, as well as taking on formula and breast milk she is doing a lot better. Emma who was also showing signs of jaundice has been taking additional formula and is also doing alot better this morning.

The pediatrician has given approval for the babies to come home today and we are waiting for OB approval for Gemma to come home. So with any luck I can bring all my girls home today.

So excited!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Today I became a daddy

Just popped home for 5 mins. Please let me introduce Emma Georgina Davies, and Caitlyn Toma Davies.

Emma came out 6lbs 13 at 10.41am, and Caitlyn came out at 6lbs 4 at 10.43am.

I am lost for words and will type a longer blog later. (I am over the moon). Mum is doing great.

(And yes that is my IM finishers t-shirt, another momentous day deserved a wear of the shirt!)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

BFIT Challenge Part 2

Run completed, just! No tornados, though a bit of rain would have been nice. I had a personal worst. It started so well, I felt really fresh and no after effects from this mornings swim.

First few miles flew by, however the heat, wind and humidity were starting to get to me. Stupidly I had gone out with only 1 bottle of Nuun and 2 gels. (this was fine when I ran this loop a couple of weeks ago.) This time however the temps were in the 90's and boy did I suffer for it. Cramps and dehydration, not the makings of a good time. I kept going though and ground it out in a personal worst of 1hr 35min. I won't be making the same mistake again!

As you can see not so happy anymore!

So thats half the swim and the run completed. Gemma is just finishing packing for the hospital, I need to get my few things sorted and then its our last night of freedom. Tomorrow I become a Daddy, sounds strange I know. Oh and before I forget congratulations LBTEPA for becoming an Auntie.

BFIT Challenge Part 1

BFIT Challenge Part 1

As detailed in my earlier post I am doing my BFIT c
hallenge this year for the birth of my twin baby girls. Their delivery date via C section is due for this Friday at 10am.

So my BFIT challenge is as follows for my 30th..
3 mile swim
30 mile bike
10 mile run

I am going for silver, so have 72 hours to complete. I would have gone for gold, but trying to complete all of that on the same day as the twins are born would have been impossible.

So the plan is as follows, starting at 8am Thursday (this morning) and completing Saturday
1.6 miles swim Thurs morning (6am)
10 miles run Thurs Eve
Babies are born Fri morning (even the babies are scheduled in... yep I'm a Project Manager by job)
30 miles bike early Sat morning
1.4 miles swim either sat morning or afternoon, completing before the 72 hours.

This morning was the first part of this plan with a 5.30am wake up and heading to the pool. Went well and knocked out 1.65 miles in an hour. The pool is called the Olympic Indoor Swim Center, its false advertising the pool is only 25m's!
Not feeling tired so plan on running the 10miles at the local park district tonight. (hopefully the weather and tornado warnings will pass).
Here is the photo of me after finishing and getting back to the car (no cameras in the swim centre).