Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Job, and updates

My updates, nothing too exciting, just things going on in my life. Sorry for the delay again, thanks Ian and Di for reminding me, that to call yourself a blogger you actually have to blog once in a while!

Training has been a bit stop/start recently. I have managed to keep up my spin class training and increased it to twice a week. Its hard work but I am enjoying it. My training will start to pick up next month (7 months to IM FL). We have also had best friends over to see us, so have been showing them the delights of Chicago in the winter. It was great to see them, and makes you realise what you miss being over here (friends and family). Though without a doubt we would miss our new found friends if we went back to the UK (can't win!).

Started back swimming and found it really difficult to begin with, my triceps were killing me after only a couple of hundred yards. My uneducated reasoning for this is that all the perfect pushup work I was doing has given me an increased upper body strength, but these muscles were not endurance muscles, and weren't used to the kind of muscle movement swimming uses. Make sense? Does to me!
In my last post I hinted at some work issues, well thats finally sorted. Over Christmas Gemma and I were seriously considering heading back to the UK. My job was not going in the direction I wanted it too, and Gemma was also not happy. We weighed up the pro's and cons of going and staying (would make going to IM FL this year alot more complicated) and decided that we would look to return to the UK. This was not an easy decision to make as there were some very major pros to staying however the big negative is that due to my Visa I can only work for my current dept within the US, so no chance to find a new job.

So during January I started to look for a new job in the UK, I also communicated to my manager that I was not happy, and that I did not feel the opportunities that I should be getting I was (glass ceiling in my role). Well it seemed to make a difference I have been promoted into a new role which really excites me (haven't felt that in a while on my current job). So Gemma and I are staying. We are moving apartments as a 2 bedroom apartment is far too small, to a larger 3 bedroom place.

The twins are healthy, and growing and moving lots causing Mummy (and Daddy) lots of sleepless nights. Guess thats not going to change for another 18 years.

Newton update, I am still 50/50 on these. Running is certainly easier and quicker, and I have felt little to no ankle pain. However recently I have had foot arch issues. I have inserted supporting insoles and that has made it better. However I still suffer for about 1/4 mile, after running for 1mile. After a few minutes it goes and I am fine. Weird!

First race of the season is next week, Chicago 8K Shamrock Shuffle. I am planning on running this with a training buddy, and just enjoying the race. Last year was a PR for me, having run trained through the winter (causing burnout later in the year), therefore this year I just want to enjoy the race.
Nothing too amazing, I know!