Wednesday, November 5, 2008

IM Florida - My perfect Race Part 1

Over the past 6 months I have, swum less, biked a bit more in the past few months but less overall for the year, run far less, due to a niggling injury that I haven't wanted to inflame, with my longest run being 15 miles. I also missed most of September training while we were all in Europe.I certainly didn't feel prepared and was hoping my training from last year was still partially there, and my experience would make a big difference (nutrition especially).

Pre Race everything was rushed, travelling with the girls is hard work, and we arrived on site Thursday PM. Managed to get one 10 min ride on the Friday and a 10 min swim.

Morning of the race nerves were definitely there, I really had no expectation of how the race would go. In my mind I had hopes, but I really had no idea if they were widely unreasonable. Expectations, were to finish and I would be over the moon to just beat last years time.

Things didn't go well from the start, walking down to transition at 5am I realised I had left all my water bottles in the fridge (that was one of my pre-race nightmares!) Gemma ran back and got them for me and whereas in my dream it was a disaster, now it was only a minor hicup.

Standing on the beach, I started to get mentally prepared, quick swim as the sun came up. The sea had calmed from the previous few days, not as smooth as last year, but still very flat.


TJ said...

Yep. Those prerace nightmares never turn out good. Glad your reality worked out much better.

Formulaic said...

Over the MOON!

Way to go. Can't wait for the rest

LBTEPA said...


Colleen said...

I looked up your results (so I cheated a bit). Great job... can't wait to hear the rest. I *think* I saw you and Gemma walking on Thomas Dr. maybe Thursday morning. We were in the car or else I would have asked if it was you or not. Congrats!

Lana said...

Yikes - you left the water bottles! At least you were up and out early enough to leave Gemma time to get them! She is an Iron Wife for sure!