Thursday, November 6, 2008

IM Florida Part 2 - The Swim

The Swim..
I seeded myself closer into the bouy line this year and it certainly was a more physical swim (the usual kicked, punched, swam on etc).
Don't know whether it was me but no one seemed to be swimming a straight line, only had a few periods on the outbound leg where I had any clear periods where I could concentrate on my swimming.

First turn was clogged, people shouting to stop kicking and only use arms.
Return leg again was clogged and this time my nose clip was knocked off and disappeared forever into the gulf.

I hate swimming without my nose clip, last time I lost it was the Chicago tri and I suffered for the rest of the race.
Though my mental attitude was stronger today and the first thought was "sh&t" and then it was well not much I can do about it.
So swam on, yes the missing nose clip frustrated me but physically I was fine.

First loop was completed in 35mins, same as last year. My mood was certainly lifted at this point. Having been concerned about my swim I realised my swim fitness had not dropped too much.

Second lap was a bit more open, I was one of the few that went outside the first buoy. The instructions before the start weren't particularly clear on this, and I only remembered as I heard Mike Reilly's voice reminding everyone to go outside the first green buoy.
A large number chose to ignore this reminder!

Far turn and my goggles got knocked off my eyes on but stayed on my head thankfully, other than the salt in my nose I was doing fine.
Swim completed in 1hr 17, only 2 mins slower than last year.

Wetsuit stripped off slowly.. wheres Tac when you need him! Also saw Di and Bigun and got a big cheer from them :-).

Last year I did a complete change in the tent and had a really slow time, this year I wore my cycle shorts under the wetsuit to try and speed up my T1, didn't even go into the tent. I was going to wear my cycle jersey as well, but with temps low I decided to go with a dry top. Out of T1 in 6mins (and most of that was me having to go collect and unrack my bike :-( ). Certainly faster overall than last year though.


Ms. R said...

It's great when your body amazes you when you feel you don't have the proper endurance! Good work on a great swim.

Formulaic said...

that swim sounded brutal. But you kept going!

keep up the reports!

Cute pic

TJ said...

Great start. Looking forward to the rest of the story.