Friday, February 22, 2008

Its twin girls!!

Wow time flies, its been a month since my last post. Its been a busy few weeks and with everything going on the blog has taken a back seat. No I hadn't gone into hibernation as Jumper suggested, but with all the cold weather and snow I feel like I should have.

So to update.. its girls, 2 of them. Life for me got a whole lot more complicated (and expensive) I'm going to be out numbered by girls! Advice from parents with 2 girls would be greatly appreciated. My thoughts is one set of clothes which they can rotate, and then its a choice of marriage or college.

We got confirmation a couple of weeks ago on the sexes and immediately starting thinking about names. Gemma and I agree on most things but on the few things we disagree upon it can be tough to compromise. I expected this to be one of those things.

However over the weekend we chose names with very little difficulty. Gemma very quickly vetoed my ideas of Brittany and Paris.. (apologies to anyone reading who may be or have children called this) something to do with other people by that name!

We have chosen their names and I would like to introduce you to Emma Georgina, and Caitlyn Toma. The middle names are in memory of both Gemma and my Grandfathers (George and Tom). Also Toma means little twin. I love the picture below as it looks like one of the babies is waving. Gemma is getting big, and I will try to get a photo of her in the next few weeks.
Back to triathlon world. I have started swimming again, and wow my swim fitness has plummeted. Though I don't think this is just the fact that I have not been swimming.
Since using the perfect pushups, I have increased my tricep and bicep muscles greatly, however now when I swim my triceps tire very quickly, think this is just the muscles not used to swimming. I am going to try and swim every day this week to see if this improves.

To update swimming has got a bit easy and hopefully this will continue to improve

On the positive side my weight has started to drop, I am aiming for getting back down to 180 (10lbs to go).

I am really enjoying the spinning classes and the core classes, I really hope they make a difference when I finally get my bike back outside.

And finally an apology..
I am sorry for not being able to comment on everyones blogs, not only have I not been updating my own blog, but I have not had a chance to read anyone elses. Partly due to the twins, and partly due to work decisions, but I'll bore everyone with that in a future blog.