Friday, August 22, 2008

Florida Accomodation??

So its time to start thinking about accommodation for florida, where is everyone else staying? Any recommendations? Last year was the ant infested Days Inn (not staying there again)!
Looking at vrbo, but can't remember where the condos are.

I want to be within a mile of the start so Gemma can easily take the babies back to the hotel room. Also would be nice to be near other bloggers.

My training is going well, the past week (and so is next week) has been tough though managed to get a confidence building 2.5 hour run yesterday and a 3000m swim earlier on in the week and have managed 5 hours cycling since saturday plus some other smaller bits. Tomorrow is a brick session of a 2 hour bike and an hour run. Not massive numbers compared to other people but with the twins demanding time when I would like to be sleeping its been tough! I think my fitness is comparable to last year so hopefully I am doing enough training.

Raced 2 weeks ago in the Chicago distance classic with my training buddy, had a really nice race and got him through in a PR which was fantastic. Though I'm sure we should have been faster as my Garmin measured it at 13.6 miles.


Iain said...

We're staying here -

which is the same place that we've stayed on our 2 previous visits.

It's quite nice to have somewhere you can cook and eat when you like in the run up. It's around 3/4 mile from HQ and pretty much on the run course.

TJ said...

Give Ocean Towers a look. You can't be the price for a condo.

Colleen said...

I can't really help you with lodging. We stay at a great place called Treasure Island Condos. They are right on the run course, but about 4 miles from the start. Really cheap though and SUPER nice. Just a thought.

Great job with the training. I know you think it's less than some people, but you have 2 infants. Nuff said!

Lana said...

We are staying at the En Soleil condo. I rented it on VRBO and got a heck of a deal by negotiating with the owner. It's about 1.3 miles from the Boardwalk.

I used this map to find out where all the condos are:

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck finding a place!

And nice run and swim!! Way to go!

Taconite Boy said...

Your training sounds fine. Get in those long workouts and all will be good!