Monday, September 1, 2008

My update, trips to europe and florida

Work is sending me to Poland for a week, so I am taking the opportunity to take the girls (including Gemma) back to their other home land (UK), I will spend a week in Krakow, and then spend a week in the UK with the girls. Apologies in advance to anyone on the same flight as us, Emma likes to talk a lot and her internal volume is not quite dialed in!
So because of this we had to get them passports.
Their US passports arrived and they can now come travelling. We have this trip to the UK in Sept, then Florida in Nov, and then back to the UK for Christmas. so they will be doing lots of flying. Also planning a new year marathon so somewhere else for them to go.

I just have to sort how I will balance my training while I am away (any advice?), swimming and running should be fine but biking could be more difficult.

Tac boy gave me some advice on my training for Florida, I am not like Lana who goes to Bigun, a 1x Ironman I seek out the real expert Tac Boy, he has 100% more experience! So on his advice I have focused on my long bikes, and really racked up some mileage in the past two weeks.. 450 miles on the bike this month, with 250 coming in the last 10 days. I also have my first century scheduled for next week.

We have also sorted our accomodation for Florida. Thanks to everyone for all their tips. We have decided to stay at The Inn as its close to the start and on the run course so Gemma can take the babies back during the day. Ian thanks for this suggestion.

Now it is just a case of sorting the hire car, and working out how we are going to be able to pack all this stuff. They have almost as much "stuff" as I do with all my tri kit.

We are then spending a second week in Venice after IM to relax and recover.


LBTEPA said...

Oh how exciting! Good luck with the challenges of babies on long-haul flights :)

TJ said...

We stayed at The Inn one year for Gulf Coast Triathlon. Thier prices are hard to beat.
Hope you have a great trip in Europe.

Iain said...

Flying with Twins! Oh Dear! Did you not read my 2005 report? Hope you're not planning on sleeping during the flight (or anybody else for that matter).

If you're over this way give me a shout and I'll take you out for a few miles. We've a social fun Sprint Tri at West Buckland on the 14th. I'm sure I could sneak you in if you wanted :-). I've got a couple of bikes here, you just need shoes.

Formulaic said...

Man! Can you adopt me? They're going to have more stamps on their passports than I do!

Have fun traveling and more importantly have fun racing!

Lana said... you chose Tac, huh? LOL Well, Tac does have a better record than Bigun, I guess. But Bigun don't mind telling me to get off my arse and get on the that sorta fit me better!

Bigun said...

oh really? Hmmmmm.....

Formulaic said...

How's life? Hadn't heard from you in a while. Did Poland get you?

Iain said...

Wakey Wakey Tim,

It's been a month since you posted and in another month you'll be kicking ass.

Now I know they've got the internet in South Molton (and Poland) so no excuses.

Hope you're hanging in there well. It's getting close. Too close!!!